Renault CAPTUR features



Unzippable seat covers

The brand-new seat design enhances the passenger compartment's modern look. The Zip Collection upholstery is unzippable and machine-washable. Five available patterns (depending on the model) let you change your interior trim whenever you like! The front seat backs can be wiped down with a sponge.

Renault R-Link

Network-connected Multimedia tablet with 7" touchscreen and voice recognition to control the essential functions (TomTom navigation, multimedia, hands-free calls, vehicle applications) intuitively, enjoying 3D Sound by Arkamys music via audio streaming and Bluetooth hands-free telephone system.

Regulated air-conditioning

With combined pollen/activated carbon filter and toxicity sensor. The filters reduce fine particulate matter and pollutants (exhaust gases, odours). If a high pollution level is detected, the system automatically shuts the ventilation.

Easy Life drawer

Easy for both driver and front passenger to access, this drawer - boasting a record capacity of 11 litres - takes the place of the glovebox. Ingenious and practical, it comes with customised LED lighting (depending on the version)

Parking distance control

Four rear parking sensors, with reversing camera depending on the version. The camera sends the image to the navigation system screen and displays guidance aids.

Hands-free card

To unlock, start and remotely lock the car.



Through innovation, Renault is bringing the car closer to your lifestyle

Stay connected on the move! With Renault R-Link access your contacts and your music - all at your fingertips via touch screen or steering wheelmounted controls.

Through innovation, we are making vehicles even more desirable

Elegant and inspired by smartphones, Renault R-Link and its touchscreen give a new, high-tech look to your vehicle's interior. Customise your home page and favourites with a simple touch of a finger, to access your content more quickly.

Touchscreen with customisable home page

shortcuts to access your favourite functions with a single tap.

Music on the move

Connect via Bluetooth or the Renault R-Link USB port to listen to your music.


For added safety, make hand-free calls with Bluetooth.



Easy Life drawer

The 11-litre Easy Life drawer can hold all of your valuables.

Reversible floor

The boot has a multi-position, removable and reversible floor (depending on the version), with a rubber surface that can be wiped down with a sponge.

Storage area

Removable central storage area (depending on the version) that can be accessed from both the front and rear seats.

Protected storage

Closed compartment on top of the dashboard.

Adapted to suit your taste

The 'zip collection' customizable seat covers, made from soft fabric in a variety of colors (with 5 available patterns), are unzippable and washable. The overall trim – in a light or dark color scheme – adapts to suit your taste.

Ample interior space

To ensure even greater comfort for adults and children alike, there is ample interior space. The rear passengers enjoy knee room of up to 21.6 cm! The 1/3-2/3 folding rear bench has 3 seats, converts into a flat floor and slides on rails, allowing the Renault CAPTUR's volume to be adjusted and its passenger compartment arranged to suit your needs.

Pure Energy

Pleasant and reliable, sturdy and frugal, the Renault energy petrol engine does not forget the Qualities it owes to formula 1: Technology, fuel economy, flexibility and endurance. The Renault CAPTUR's position at the Top of its category in terms of quality/performance ratio is no accident.

Renault CAPTUR Engine

The Renault CAPTUR engine is turbocharged. What's the objective? To be best in its category in terms of driving pleasure. With a lively response, sharp acceleration, and flexibility at all speeds, energy engine combines driving pleasure with fuel economy, delivering remarkably moderate fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

100% turbo, 100% efficient: Turbo Control Efficiency (TCe)

The new TCe 120 EDC, combines power and controlled fuel consumption (5.9 L/100 km and 138 g/km of CO2). Responsive, lively and agile, it is both powerful and quiet. Its 83 kW deliver torque of 190 Nm at 2000 rpm. For even greater driving pleasure, it is connected to a 6-speed dual-clutch EDC automatic gearbox.

EDC automatic gearbox

For greater comfort and pleasure, the 6-speed dual-clutch EDC automatic gearbox is available with the TCe 120 engine. Upshifting is fast and smooth, with no jerking or loss in acceleration. Fuel consumption is comparable to that of a manual gearbox.

Eco Mode

Eco Mode
To reduce fuel consumption even further, the driver can hand over control of some driving duties to Eco Mode, which modifies the vehicle's acceleration, torque/power management and heating/air-conditioning. Driving is made smoother and acceleration longer, thus saving fuel.