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All Mode 4X4 i-transmission Technology

All Mode 4X4 i-transmission Technology

All modes 4x4 i-transmission, with the choice between 3 modes: 2WD, 4WD Auto, 4WD Lock. Suitable for off-road, in-town, motorway, track driving. This transmission type employs electronic sensors that control wheel spin and automatically distribute up to 50% of the torque to the rear wheels. Combined with ESP (Electronic Stability Program), the system can control each wheel independently.
It simplifies parallel, angle & cross parking maneuvers by detecting if there is sufficient space available, before guiding & managing the steering wheel angle. The driver doesn't touch the steering.

Automatic Parking Technology

It simplifies parallel, angle & cross parking maneuvers by detecting if there is sufficient space available, before guiding & managing the steering wheel angle. The driver doesn't touch the steering.

Tyre pressure monitoring

Each wheel has a sensor in the inflation valve which measures the tire pressure. The driver is warned once the pressure is too low.

Bose sound system

Renault KOLEOS scales new heights in audio realism, by offering a totally immersive experience with its Bose® surround sound system. Base sounds are natural and deep, and the sound details are clear and precise in all circumstances, regardless of the volume.



8.7” Touchscreen tablet with Renault R-Link2 multimedia

Drivers enjoy an unprecedented human-vehicle interface with R-Link 2 that outclasses the usual functions of on-board multimedia systems. The ergonomics is unparalleled with a large capacitive screen, available in 7” horizontal or 8.7” vertical, unique on the market, with multiple display. The menus are intuitive, coupled with effective voice recognition. Drivers control all the comfort features, driving aids, safety and multimedia.



Blind spot warning

It alerts the driver of the presence of an object (vehicle, pedestrian, etc.), located in the blind spot by visual feedback on the appropriate rearview mirror.

Front fog lamps with fixed cornerring function

Integrated into the front bumper, the fog lights with fixed cornering function improve hugely the visibility.


ESP continuously monitors the grip of each wheel to improve turning stability, especially on wet roads.

Hill start assist

It helps drivers hill start without any backward movement or risk of stalling the engine.


A full set of airbags protects occupants: front driver & passenger airbags ; front driver & passenger side airbags ; front & rear curtain airbags.



Cruise control & speed limiter

The cruise control allows you to select a constant speed for better driving comfort. The limiter is used to set a maximum speed that the vehicle shall not exceed. A steering wheel control is used to adjust the selected speed.

Front & Rear parking sensors

Ultra-sonic sensors are positioned around the vehicle and send information to computers that process the information and translate them into warnings for the driver.

Automatic 2-Zone AC with rear air vents

Automatic 2-zones AC with rear air vents to satisfy all occupants, the cabin can be pre-cooled when programmed with the Remote Engine Start.

Rearview camera

Front & rear parking sensors are combined with rearview camera. It assists drivers in their maneuvers by displaying the environment behind the vehicle.

Off-road Capabilities

Behind its chic urban styling, Renault KOLEOS has the DNA of a true 4X4. Experience every day as a new adventure and go off the beaten track with ALL MODE 4x4-i technology.

Automatic parking brake

Easy to use, the electric parking brake enables you to immobilize your car in only one touch.

Easy Trunk Access

The boot opens automatically by simply moving your foot under the rear bumper, with anti-impact / anti-pinch systems, it opens or closes in 5 seconds.

Ventilated seats

The driver seat is ventilated by emitting air from the small fans built into the seat back & cushion, reducing humidity and body temperature in hot weather (up to 5°C)

Sliding armrest & Cooled cup holders

The sliding armrest adapt to the driver's needs & body type, the armrest can slide over 8 cm.



Supreme Comfort

Renault KOLEOS is ambitious just like you, and takes every aspect of you and your passengers’ comfort into account, offering them more generous legroom.
Welcome to comfort that goes the extra mile.

Wide interior

Easy to access, the spacious & generous cabin invites you to a comfortable experience.

Best-in-Class rear knee room & Wide door openning

With 289mm, the Renault KOLEOS rear legroom is the most spacious in the segment, also it offers a large door opening angle, 70° at the front & 77° at the back.