Renault TALISMAN Design

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Exterior Design


Designed to appeal

Renault TALISMAN has a sporty edge that adds zest to the established codes in this category. The car is striking with a powerful visual signature, impressive shoulders and an assertive stance. Refreshingly modern and dynamic, Renault TALISMAN is innovative and loaded with high value technology. Behold an exciting and executive driving experience that promises your next move with great times ahead.

LED Pure Vision® headlamps and cornering lamps

Renault TALISMAN’s technologically superior and energy saving lighting signature combines the penetrating touch of LED Pure Vision® headlights, cornering lamps, and the distinctive styling of the C-shaped daytime running lights. These are all signs of the car’s character and modern style.

Remain visible

Daytime running lights, dipped headlights, main beam headlights, sidelights, brake lights and indicators... The Renault TALISMAN's largely LED-based lighting systems ensures you remain visible. In poorly-lit areas and when you are driving at less than 40kph, you also enjoy improved visibility on bends, thanks to the cornering lights.
Renault Talisman

Improved visibility

Sharp fog lamps are designed to turn with the turn of the steering wheel to light up the dark bends. No more dark corners.

Designed to appeal

Sleek, elegant lines at the rear face a hi-tech LED tail-lighting signature, assertive and coherent with the front-end.

Renault Talisman

Stand out from the crowd

Boasting elegant yet robust lines, a refined exterior and a distinctive lighting signature, the Renault TALISMAN possesses the character of a powerful saloon.
Renault Talisman

Striking front end

Its wide grille extends right up to the C-shaped front LED daytime running lights.
Renault Talisman

Rear lighting signature

Its sleek rear LED lighting signature is instantly recognisable. Your Renault TALISMAN lets them know you went by.

Interior Design


Appreciate its stylish interior

Spacious passenger compartment, innovative technologies and high quality finishes, give in to the style of Renault TALISMAN.

Interior trim

Choose from a choice of interior trims with different upholsteries, décor and multimedia systems.

Ambient lighting


Immaculate finish