Renault Strategy

As strategic partner of Iran Automotive Industries and along with the conditions of Ministry of Industry, Mine and Tarde, Renault is seeking the following goals in Iran


Renault Strategy

Renault products in Iran are always on quality top list of official reports to this effect. The most significant priority of Renault in Iran is continuous preserving and promoting the product quality, for this purpose the quality experts of Renault are engaging in the manufacturing units and the periodical strict inspections by and S.A.S. make Renault specialists assure of quality standards.

The global plan of Renault for the strategic countries where is active  in manufacturing such as Iran is 80% of localization plan,  the comprehensive localization plan including deep localization (CKD for parts maker) and also localization of the driving force (engine and gearbox). Renault has played a significant role in transferring the technical knowledge to the Iranian industry by its continuous presence and joint venture in automotive production. Renault transfers the modern technology of the world in parts and automotive industry to Iran in context of new cooperation.
Renault Strategy

Conversion of Iran to Regional Hub 
Renault’s goal is conversion of Iran to hub of the Middle East. For this purpose manufacturing the new products of Renault is on agenda at the same time with other countries of the world. Renault has exported Renault Tondar 90 to Iraq during past years. 
In context of new cooperation, export of 30% of the products is considered. 

Connection of Iranian Part Makers to Renault- Nissan Panel
For transferring the technical knowledge to the Iranian part makers, Renault takes action via two methods:
Continuous quality control and definition of the action plan and establishment of connection among the foreign suppliers of Renault with the domestic makers and their encouragement for creation of a joint venture;
By assistance of the Iranian capable manufacturers, Renault intends to decrease the cost price, improve the delivery time and continuous quality assurance, to enter them to the global panel for parts supply of Renault-Nissan, in order that the Iranian made parts to be used in the other manufacturing units of Renault- Nissan in the world.

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